Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Common Misconceptions about Slip-and-falls

trip and fall injury

If you think you've read enough about slip-and-falls, well think again. There are things that most people believe about this kind of accident. However, here are some of the myths and truths behind these wrong ideas about slip-and-falls.

Shiny floors can cause people to slip, trip, or fall”. This may be true at times, yes; but not all the time. Floors that have been waxed and buffed can lose its slip resistance. According to experts from an insurance company, waxing and buffing can affect the slip resistance coating or surface, therefore making it even more slippery than it actually has been. While waxing and buffing floors make it look better, it makes the floors less safe for people who walk on it.

Floors that have a high slip resistance are safer”. That is not always true. Surfaces that have a high slip resistance can only perform its job in lessening the chances of people from slipping and falling if such is maintained properly. While it can really lessen the incidence of accidents, floors with high slip resistance’s costs tend to be higher than normal ones. This makes the floor high maintenance and running costs could be a problem over time that could negate this type of floor’s very purpose; to avoid unwanted costs due to slip-and-falls.

Soiled floors aren't too dangerous as it seems.” Well, in contrast, a thin coat of soil can cause floors to become very slippery. The same holds true for other types of slippery substances. Wet surfaces are slippery too. So to avoid slipping and falling a lawyer for slip and fall accident says that keeping the floor clean at all times is the only way to prevent such accidents and the headaches that come with it.

Old floor surfaces are less slippery and are safer over new, shiny ones.” This is another myth right here. Even if newly-applied floor surfaces look shinier, it is not necessarily that slippery. On the contrary, old floor surfaces or finishes are much more slippery. Over time, floors can lose their slip resistance characteristics through wear and tear. This usually results to slip-and-fall accidents that can have the owner of the premises liable under federal and state laws.

You can win slip-and-fall claims even without a lawyer to represent you”. Not necessarily true. If you’re with a solid claim and have all of the pieces of evidence with you, getting the services of a good, experienced, specialized attorney can even boost your chances of winning your claims. Also, there are “no win, no pay” lawyers that puts your welfare first than the money that they’d be earning from you. So, to ensure your win in your claims, hiring a lawyer is a must.

Not everything that you commonly hear is right. Oftentimes, these things could mislead you and cause you more badly than good. So if you have been a victim of a slip-and-fall incident, make that conscious decision to ask for the help of an attorney for slip and fall accident in California.